Psychology Lab

S.No Description
1 Intelligence Test (verbal)
2 Verbal Intelligence Test
3 Intelligence Test (Non-Verbal)
4 Intelligence Test Performance
5 Cognitive Development Test for Pre -Schoolers (Based on Piagetian Experiment)
6 Matching Familiar Figure Test
7 Cognitive Style inventory
8 Problem Solving Ability Test
9 Teaching Aptitude test
10 Sentence Completion Test
11 Teacher Attitude Inventory
12 Social Motives Scales
13 Short Term Memory
14 Long Term Memory
15 Mirror Drawing Electrical with Manual
16 Card Shorting Tray (Habit Interference ) with manual
17 Memory Drum with Manual
18 Hand Colour Mixer with Manual
19 Finger Tweezer Dexterity Board with Manual
20 Alexander pass along test
21 Span of attention test