The prestigious Institute stands behind a beautiful garden having a plinth are 25000 sq.ft., The Institute has a well knit infrastructure. The modernized Science laboratory has equipments worth about 75000/- Experiment in Physics, Chemistry and Biology are carried out by the teacher trainees. “UNICEF” a part “UNESCO”, aided our laboratory with expensive equipments and thus helped Institute and our Model School to have a scientific outlook – which is the presents need to the Society.

The Teacher trainees must have a sound psychological knowledge so that can comprehend the tiny – dots : the future citizen of the leader of the India having in view there is is an excellent psychology laboratory. The trainees are trained to out the gifted, employing the various psychological tests.

The computer “café” is yet another interesting feature of our Institute. We are no way of behind in the ‘computer age’.The teacher trainees are trained to use 21st Century Miracle ’Computer’. Computer aided teaching is be undertaken.

Another interest feature is fully equipped audio visual room. The Institute equipments right from traditional ‘slides’ to modern ‘transparencies’. An overheadprojector. Film strips, a handy projector,LCD.,Home theater, Tap recorder, Language Lab materials so on and so for the serve trainees as audio visual equipments.

Our library is a rich one. A voracious reader will not live our library once entered. The books are from varied subjects. Books written by Periyar and Periyar Educational books, books on psychology, reference books both in Tamil and English, books on health, handwork, science, Encyclopedia general knowledge, computer, cookery etc., are available. Separate library periods are

allotted such to make the trainees ‘book worms’

All the facilities are available in our huge auditorium it helps our trainees to develop their oratorical talents. Sports field helps our trainees physically fit. The various sports equipments to out trainees in yoga, badminton, kho-kho, volley-ball, kabadi, table tennis, they are made athletically efficient.

The Periyar hostel for girls is highly accommodative. The rooms of well ventilated and airy. Each room accommodates 4 hostilities. The rooms are furnished and the hostel is a home away from home.