Thanthai Periyar the protector or womens”s Right – Unique atheist – For relentlessly to eradicate social evils. He – the prophet of the South East At Savior of the Society – thought Education alone make women self-reliant. Social free from social evils. To fulfill his aim, Thanthai Periyar – Self Respect Propaganda Institution on 1st August 1961 started the NAGAMMAI TEACHER TRAINING SCHOOL FOR GIRLS at Periyar Maligai, Trichy-17. Though it small step towards self-reliance of girls, it is a large leap towards emancipation of women Folk. After Thanthai Periyar the Institute continue walk confidently and successfully towards the betterment of girls under the guidance of our CHAIRPERSON MANAMIGU K.Veeramani, M.A., B.L., SAVIOUR OF WOMEN’S RIGHT AND social justice. Since 1995 the coaxial control of the state and the central governments over institute has been implemented. The apex bodies of our Institute are Directorate of Teacher Education Research and Training- Chennai – Tamil Nadu. National Council of Teacher Education – Southern Region- Bangalore. NAGAMMAI TEACHER TRAINING INSTITUTE, TRICHY – 21.


The Institute is proud to exhibits its academic excellence. The Institute secure cent percent result consequently for 4 years from 1986 to 1989. Its among the acdamically excellent institutes in Tamil Nadu. The Institute has model schools- “Periyar Primary School” – Periyar Maniammai Girls” Hr. Sec. School”. The practicing schools are 5 in numbers and our trainees in teaching classes in these schools. They observe the demonstration classes taken by the teacher – in – charge. The trainees undergo training in teaching all subjects i.e. English, Tamil, Mathematics, Science and Social Science, work experience and Physical Education. The duration of teaching is for above one month. The Institute trains the teacher – trainees, in making low cost number of teaching aids. Academic excellence along is not sufficient. Discipline is also our main character building plays an important roll in our Institute. If character is lost everything is lost. – Especially it’s the highest value of the teachers. Taking the view importance is given to the character building of our trainees.

The Institute is progressing in various fields under the able guidance of CORRESPONDENT MANAMIGU V.ANBURAJ. The Institute walks in ‘Periyar path’ because of his relentless service.
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